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Centenary Stage Company Touring Theatre Programs for Young Audiences

CSC’s Young Audience Series is dedicated to the mission of bringing live theatre experiences and hands-on workshops to young people, in order to help foster skills in creative problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, empathy and communication—skills which  create a capacity to innovate, and which  are essential for succeeding in our modern world.

A program of Centenary College Theater Department and produced by Centenary Stage Company's NextStage Repertory. Centenary Stage Company's Young Audience Series is performed entirely by Centenary College Theater Department students.


Cast of Miss Nelson is Missing


"The students and staff at the
Catherine E. Doyle School were
enthralled by the performance
delivered by the Centenary Players
Children’s Theatre Series."
– Anthony Albro, Principal

Tour Program Director – Lea Antolini-Lid
Education Programs – Maria Brodeur
Artistic Director, CSC – Carl Wallnau
General Manager – Catherine Rust





About The Plays/Musicals

A Thousand Cranes

by Kathryn Schultz Miller
Based on the book by Eleanor Coerr

This is the true story of the young Japanese girl, Sadako Sasaki, who inspired an international peace movement.  A Thousand Cranes combines Japanese and American language, music, and dance, and highlights Japanese society in the after - math of World War II.  Sadako was 2 years old when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.  When she later developed radiation sickness, Sadako remembered an old story; if a person will just make 1000 cranes, the gods will grant her a wish and make her healthy.  Sadako did not live to finish her cranes, but her friends too up the task and built a monument for her and all the children killed by the atomic bomb.  "This is our cry, this is our prayer.  Peace on Earth."

Appropriate for grades 5 - 12
1 performance $795, same day eaach additional performances $425



Miss Nelson is Missing

Book by Mike Artell
Adapted by Joan Cushing

Miss Nelson can't control her crazy classroom because she's just too nice.  But when she disappears, her substitute is the no-nonsense Viola Swamp!  With the big test approaching, the kids suddenly realize how much they miss their Miss Nelson... and they'll do anything to get her back!

Appropriate for Grades K - 4
1 performance $895, same day each additional performances $425.

Miss Nelson has a Field Day

Book by Mike Artell
Adapted by Joan Cushing

The Smedley Tornadoes have not only never won a football game, they have never scored a single point!  Coach Armstrong goes bonkers and Miss Nelson decides to enlist the no - nonsense substitute, Coach Viola Swamp, to whip the team into shape for the big Thanksgiving game.  Do the Smedley Tornadoes dare lose again?

Appropriate for Grades K - 4.
1 performance $895, same day each additional performances $425.

Shake It Up Shakespeare: Magic, Mystery & Mayhem

Take a journey through some of the bard’s greatest works and characters in this interactive performance, engaging young audiences and introducing a new way to look at Shakespeare! With scenes from Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, including comedy and action-packed sword fights!

Appropriate for Middle School and High School.
1 performance $795, same day each additional performance $425.


One hour workshops available upon request for additional $100. Designed for maximum of 80 students.

Transportation Fee:

A transportation fee will apply to tours 50 miles or more from Centenary College.



Tour Program Director: Lea Antolini-Lid

Education Programs: Maria Brodeur

Resident Artist: Stephen Davis

Artistic Director, CSC: Carl Wallnau

General Manager: Catherine Rust

Office Manager: Pat Lanciano

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