2017 Dance Fest Overview

2017 dance festival overview

Centenary Stage Company presents the 2017 Dance Festival with four exciting professional dance companys!  XY Dance Company makes its premiere at Centenary Stage Company, Moe - Tion Dance Theater returns to celebrate their 10 year anniversary and Nai Ni Chen graces the Lackland Performing Arts Center with a stunning double feature.


XY Dance Project

Sat. March 18 at 8pm
Sitnik Theater of the Lackland Performing Arts Center

The XY Dance Project has a unique movement style that blends contemporary dance through the spiritual rhythms of African dance, the grace and peace of Tai Chi and the heart of street dance.



Ticket Price Adult Children (-12)
Saturday $20.00 $15.00

More information available. (Click here)

Dance Workshop with Nijawwon Matthews

The Centenary Stage Company will present master dance instructor, Nijawwon Matthews, artistic director of XY Dance Project.  Matthews will lead a workshop in the style of Contemporary Dance that will focus on using breath to guide dancers through fluid phrasing using circulation, undulation, and spiral throughout the body.  Matthews will be focusing on helping the artists understand dynamics, musicality, phrasing and emotional intentions.  Additionally, Matthews will also explain/demonstrate how to work anatomically correct so the artist can have the confidence and freedom to express their artistic voice.  Participants will be taken through technique, as well as, learning pedagogy from the XY Dance Project Repertoire.

The class is open to all level of dancers and will be held on Saturday, March 18 from 10am - 11:30am.  Admission to the workshop is FREE with ticket purchase to the XY Dance Project Concert .  Regular admission to the workshop without ticket purchase is $15.00.

For more information contact the CSC Box Office: (908) 979 - 0900.


Moe-tion Dance Theater

Sun. March 26 at 4pm
Sitnik Theater of the Lackland Performing Arts Center

Under the artistic direction of Maureen Glennon, the company is known for their diverse repertory and site - specific work.

Ticket Price Adult Children (-12)
Sunday $20.00 $15.00

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Nai Ni Chen Dance Company - "Red Firecracker" The First Chinese New Year - Family Event!

Fri. March 31 at 10:30am (School Matinee - open to public)
Sat. April 1 at 2pm
Sitnik Theater of the Lackland Performing Arts Center

A spectacular production of dazzling props, colorful costumes, mesmerizing music, fantastic acrobatics, and lively dance. Red Firecracker is the legend of the origin of the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration where a group of villagers defeated the monster of the ages and started the custom of decorating and wearing red, giving gifts, light up the sky with fireworks and playing with firecrackers. It is a delightful production for families to enjoy together.

Ages 5 - adult.

Ticket Price Adult Children (-12)
Saturday $20.00 $12.50

School Matinee: (Open to public)

Friday, March 31 at 10:30am
SITNIK THEATER of the Lackland Performing Arts Center

School groups should contact the CSC administrative office at (908) 979 - 0900 to book your group.  Individual ticket prices for the School matinee are the same as the Saturday evening performance.

More information available. (Click Here)

Nai Ni Chen Dance Company - "CrossCurrent"

Sun. April 9 at 2pm
Sitnik Theater of the Lackland Performing Arts Center

A blossom of color, energy and motion, "like endlessly proliferating forces of cosmic energy," (New York Times).  The dances of Nai - Ni Chen fuse the dynamic freedom of American spirit with the grace and splendor of the Asian soul.

The company will showcase its visionary new program, CrossCurrent, comprising of a series of work that highlights Ms. Chen’s unique cross-cultural contemporary dance style that brings together the freedom and American modern dance and the discipline of her Asian American heritage. The dances in CrossCurrent showcase different aspects of Nai-Ni Chen’s work as she encounters different elements of western culture as a woman from the east. The program, will feature Nai-Ni Chen’s most recent work Space Oddity with music by David Bowie adapted to classical instruments for the Ahn Trio, as well as the Ahn’s Yu Rung by Pat Matheny; The Way of Five – Earth, part of the five element series from Ms. Chen where she studies the creative and destructive power of the elemental forces that govern our lives; her most recent group work, Calligraffiti Variations with music by Huang Ruo for 7 dancers where she associates her experience with the street art form and the supreme art of Chinese calligraphy that influenced her movement style since she started to dance.

Ticket Price Adult Children (-12)
Sunday $20.00 $15.00

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DANCE FEST FLEX PASS available! See ANY 3 Dance Fest shows for $37.50.