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The Wizard of Oz
Nov. 23-Dec. 9, 2012
Sitnik Theater of the Lackland Center
Professional Equity Theatre Presentation

Audiences can begin the holiday season with a family classic brought to life in this musical extravaganza at the Sitnik Theatre in the David and Carol Lackland Center starting Thanksgiving weekend. Featuring a cast of 50 actors on the stage, The Wizard of Oz is a musical tradition following the story of Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tinman, the Lion and Toto, too.

These beloved characters visit Hackettstown on their way to the Emerald City, as CSC presents the ROYAL SHAKESPEARE COMPANY’S (RSC) adaptation by Frank Gabrielson and John Kane, with Music and Lyrics from the MGM motion picture score by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg. The RSC said this adaptation came about when the Artistic Director of the company asked for a show that could be performed annually over the Christmas season, so this show is especially made for families to celebrate the holiday season. Artistic Director Carl Wallnau stated, “You only have to say the title of the show to people, and a smile comes on their face.”

Saquan Williams (Hoboken) as "Scarecrow," McKenzie Custin (Bethlehem, PA) as "Dorothy," and Nick Ardito-Martelli (Hackettstown) as "Tinman"
   Saquan Williams (Hoboken) as "Scarecrow," McKenzie
   Custin (Bethlehem, PA) as "Dorothy," and Nick
   Ardito-Martelli (Hackettstown) as "Tinman"
Jeremy Hilgert (Delaware Water Gap, PA) as "Lion"
  Jeremy Hilgert (Delaware Water Gap, PA) as "Lion"
Munchkin Land Song and Dance
  Munchkin Land Song and Dance
The Wizard of Oz
   Collen Smith-Wallnau (Hoboken) as "Wicked Witch
   of the West," Saquan Williams (Hoboken) as "Scarecrow,"
   Nick Ardito-Martelli (Hackettstown) as "Tinman," and
   McKenzie Custin (Bethlehem, PA) as "Dorothy"

Other Holiday Activities!
The dining hall at the Lackland Center will also host a special Yule Fest dinner ($12.50) before the show dates on Saturday, December 1st and 8th and a brunch ($10.00) on Sunday, December 2nd and 9th. There will be different vendors from the community also set up selling special holiday gifts so that audiences can get an opportunity to catch up on their holiday shopping.
The Friday, November 30th performance of The Wizard of Oz will coincide with Hackettstown’s Hometown Holiday Celebration, which will include the arrival of Santa in a horse-drawn sleigh, horse-drawn carriage rides between Centenary and the Holiday Gazebo, a parade featuring the Colonial Musketeers, performances by local choirs and a holiday bazaar. For more information on the celebration, visit the Hackettstown Business Improvement District Web site at:
Hackettstown’s Hometown Holiday Celebration Details
     Print Copy (.pdf)
    (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader:
     free download)

   The Wizard of Oz is
   Sponsored by:

         Hackettstown Regional
               Medical Center
Sponsor:  Restaurant Village
   Restaurant Village
   at Long Valley
   Printable Dinner Coupon
Adapted by:
  Frank Gabrielson and John Kane
Music and Lyrics of the MGM motion picture score by:   
    Harold Arlen and E. Y. Harburg
This production includes lively dance routines and familiar songs such as the Academy Award-winning song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” as well as an added show-stopping dance number, “The Jitterbug,” which was edited out from the original movie. Directed and choreographed by Broadway, film, and television veteran Michael Blevins, The Wizard of Oz features a cast of 50 actors from the New Jersey and Pennsylvania area. This holiday musical is meant as a way to celebrate all the programs of the Centenary Stage, including talents from professional Equity actors as well as members of the acclaimed Young Performers Workshop, Centenary theatre students, and local performers.

"... a truly entertaining show to see for the holidays... [Centenary Stage Company's production]... you'll find an enchanting show that will
   have you singing and smiling all the way home."
"...the audience is in for a delightful evening of story and song and dance."
"Director/Choreographer Michael Blevins... a very daunting task... did a fabulous job of casting and staging it."
"Set design by Will Rothfuss...very effective..."
"Costumes by Julia Sharp... very reminiscent of the film version, but with some interesting exceptions..."
"The actors [comparing to the original film - deliver the memory of the iconic performers or do it differently] have done a little of both to
   great success."
"Saquan Williams... Hunk/Scarecrow ...a very talented dancer and singer... really carries the role quite well... a joy to watch.
"Ardito-Martelli... Hickory/Tin Woodsman... quite funny... sings well too... mostly he is a fine tap dancer who commands the stage
   very well for his dance. Bravo."
"The very talented Colleen Smith-Wallnau... really good Almira Gultch/Wicked Witch of the West... really gets into the wickedness of
   this character and makes the role her own."
"McKenzie Custin... really looks a lot like the young Garland... sounds like her, moves like her, smiles like her... sings like her...
   was wonderful as was each song she sang... really evoked the spirit of Garland, which is no small task."
"Jeremy William Hilgert... Zeke/Cowardly Lion... a lovable Cowardly Lion... sounds and moves like a mirror image of the Bert Lahr
   character we all know and love... performance is nearly flawless and his timing excellent.
"These two [Custin and Hilgert] really make the show in a production that has a lot of real talent in it."
"Lea Antolini-Lid as Aunt Em... does a lot of the dancing in the ensemble numbers and is very good throughout all of those numbers."
"Jessica Rzucidlo as Glinda the Good Witch... enter and exit in the coolest way on a circular swing that very cleverly evokes the bubble
   we remember her riding in the film... voice is sweet and she is delightful to watch."
"... funniest scene stealer is Nestor... stern guard at the gate to Oz... does a wonderful job of blustering and sputtering and then melting
   as he falls for the sad tale... charming and quite comical... really stands out in what is really quite a minor part.
"... the production boasts a delightful ensemble cast..."
"... some very charming talent in the Centenary Young Performers..."
"Some of the more interesting staging elements in this production are done with dance elements. First the tornado... Then later when
   Glinda sends snow down to counter the sleep effect of the poppies... elements add so much to the show and are well executed and
   very entertaining... Another fun dance... our heroes encounter the diabolical Jitterbugs sent by the witch... a terrific dancing scene that
   is perfectly staged and executed as well."
"There is so much to love about this story and there is also much to love about this particular production of this timeless favorite. Don't
   miss it because there's really no place like Oz and no better production of it."
                                            Janine M. Torsiello, Morris Beats [Full Review]
"...Centenary Stage Company’s production is well equipped when it comes to certain essentials."
"The Tin Man may not have a heart, but with an enthusiastic troupe of performers tackling classic songs such as "Over the Rainbow" and "We’re Off to See the Wizard," the show sure does."
"’s not hard to detect the thoughtfulness and creativity of Michael Blevins’ direction and choreography."
"...with a cast of 50, elaborate visual dreamscapes and a few characters in flight..."
"Young audiences, in particular, will delight in seeing a live version of the iconic film."
"McKenzie Custin... is a wholesome Dorothy... voice has a lovely gentle quality and she adeptly mixes belt and legit singing..."
"Saquan Williams’... Scarecrow... flexible, energetic dancing..."
"Jeremy William Hilgert... the Lion... boasts an attractive, authoritative tenor"
"Colleen Smith-Wallnau gleefully commands the stage as the Wicked Witch of the West..."
"Jessica Rzucidlo sings with brightness and notable stamina as her counterpart Glinda."
"Stephen Davis earns laughs in a slick performance as the Wizard."
"Julia Sharp creates costumes for each of these... with vivid imagination."
"Of the Munchkins, those singled out to represent the Lullaby League and the Lollipop Guild — that latter is a group of boys flexing
   their muscles in black T-shirts and gold chains — deserve their extra spotlight."
"Designer Will Rothfuss’ sets bring to life an elaborate, colorful Munchkinland..."
"The theatrical flying service Flying by the Foy, in its first collaboration with CSC, ensures safe journeys through the air."
                                            Ronni Reich, The Star-Ledger [Full Review]
Review title "Review: Centenary Stage Company's wonderful 'Wizard of Oz'"
"...delightful holiday season offering.
"...a joyous, highly entertaining all-family event that will charm the adults and "wow" the junior members."
" beautifully directed and choreographed by... Michael Blevins... a surprisingly faithful recreation of the classic MGM film... has this
   large cast dancing at almost every turn... a spirited, enthusiastic collection of dance numbers..."
"The dance highlight is a number that was cut from the original movie 'The Jitterbug'... was crowned the number one movie musical song
   of the 20th Century, the Academy Award-winning 'Over The Rainbow.'... a particularly fine presentation by the very impressive young
   lady who is Dorothy Gale-McKenzie Custin... not only has a beautiful voice, but is a fine, charming actress who does the magic red
   shoes proud."
"[Dorothy] is ably assisted by the big scene stealer....Toto... appears to be a (white) Bichon Frise."
"Blevins... has nicely cast the leading roles...
"...a perfect Aunt Em is ... Lea Antolini-Lid"
"Carl Wallnau is naturally fine as the Kansas farmer Uncle Henry."
"The three farmhands are all standout performers...Nick Ardito-Martelli demonstrates his tap-dancing talent as Hickory and the Tin
   Woodsman, Saquan Williams excels as Hunk and the "boneless" Scarecrow and the equity pro Jeremy William Hilgert is beyond
   perfect, if possible, as Zeke and the Cowardly Lion."
"Miss Almira Gultch and the Wicked Witch of the West are played with proper nastiness by Broadway veteran Colleen Smith Wallnau."
"Steven Davis is spot-on as Professor Marvel and the Wizard."
"It is the obvious pleasure each of these actors is having that adds greatly to the over all enjoyment of this fine version of The Wizard of Oz."
"Music is ably provided by a ten member orchestra led by music director Kevin Lynch."
"One of the highlights of this production is the flying of the the Witches, the Wizard and the monkeys, a first for the Centenary
   Stage Company... the work of the highly repected theatrical flying service Flying by Foy."
"Again, if you are ready for a perfect fun event for the holiday season a visit to the comfortable Sitnik Theatre...will not disappoint... It
   was a delight to visit Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tinman, the Lion and Toto, too, in Hackettstown."
                                            Rick Busciglio, New Jersey Footlights [Full Review]
"Centenary Stage Co. ...haven’t held anything back in their current holiday extravaganza, The Wizard of Oz..."
"...the third year running a holiday event perfectly conceived for the whole family."
"With a cast of about 50, a live orchestra, superb scenery, lighting and special effects and flying witches (as well as a few other
   airborne characters), it is doubtless the flashiest entertainment seen in Hackettstown since the Lackland Center for the Arts opened here
   three years ago."
"this is a professional production. Several in the cast are Actors Equity members..."
"...the young actors, singers and dancers from the college’s Young Performers Workshop...the Munchkins...acquit themselves
   beautifully. Ditto with the performers from the college’s theater and dance departments"
"Saquan Williams, a Centenary junior, whose comic sense and apparently rubber limbs enable him to steal almost every scene he is in
   as he portrays the Scarecrow."
"Actually all the performances are right on target. McKenzie Custin... is a delight as Dorothy... is possessed of an absolutely gorgeous
   singing voice and, hard as it is to believe, her rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” will not make you crave the iconic Garland."
"Nick Ardito-Martelli turns in some smooth tap-dancing... the Tinman"
"Jeremy William Hilgert is a lovable Cowardly Lion."
"Probably my favorite portrayal... is the marvelous Colleen Smith Wallnau... a perfectly lovely woman who nevertheless seems born to
   play the Wicked Witch of the West... flies through the air on her broomstick, cackling with malevolent glee to everyone’s delight."
"Toto... CSC has the amazing good fortune to have cast a four-month-old puppy named Magic... in the role...He behaved perfectly
   on opening night despite the mayhem around him."
"The show is directed and gorgeously choreographed by Michael Blevins... large-scale dance numbers have a slightly psychedelic feeling
   about them"
"... [dancers] beautiful costumes designed by Julia Sharp have a surreal quality)."
"So great songs, good acting, beautiful dancing, superb scenery, special effects and aerial spectacle make this show a real holiday treat."
"And you don’t get to see a real theatrical spectacle every day. Highly recommended!"
                                            Sheila Abrams, nj arts maven [Full Review]

The Wizard of Oz - Short Video

The Wizard of Oz Photo Gallery
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and arrow through larger images
01CarlColleen 02DorothyStrawTin 03GroupDance 04GoodWitch
05GoodWitchDancing 06DorothyTinLionStrawDancing 07WickedWitch 08Lion
09DorothyToto 10AuntEm 11DorothyGazingIntoBall 12Kids
13WhereAmI 14TinManJoinsTheGroup 15Look_AHouse
16DorothySinging 17DorothySinging2 18DorothySinging3
19Munchkins 20MunchkinsDancing 21Oz
22Oz 23Oz 24Oz
25Oz 26Oz 27Oz
28Oz 29Oz 30Oz

YPW Alum and Montclair State University Theatre student McKenzie Custin (Bethlehem, PA) is Dorothy. Scarecrow will be portrayed by Saquan Williams (Hoboken), Tinman will be played by local tap-dancing talent Nick Ardito-Martelli (Hackettstown) and the Cowardly Lion will be portrayed by Equity actor Jeremy Hilgert (Delaware Water Gap, PA). Other CSC performers include Equity Actor Lea Antolini-Lid (Sparta) as Auntie Em, Artistic Director and Equity actor Carl Wallanau (Hoboken) as Uncle Henry and Drew University Theatre Alum Jessica Rzucidlo (Parsippany) as Glinda. Rounding off the cast is Broadway (Crazy For You) and Regional Theatre veteran Colleen Wallnau (Hoboken) as the Wicked Witch. And Toto will be played by Magic, dog of cast member Anthony Zas (Hackettstown). Magic and Anthony’s mom, Jacqueline Boelens, was excited to lend this young pup’s talents to the show and stated, “I wish I was that famous at four months old.”

Flying by Foy, one of the most prolific and widely-respected theatrical flying services in the world, headquartered in Las Vegas, has come to execute the flying of the Witches, the Wizard, the monkeys, and more, creating a spectacle not to be missed and a first for Centenary Stage Company. When asked how she felt about being flown high above the stage as the Wicked Witch of the West, Ms. Wallnau said, “I am no stranger to aerial endeavors as, before becoming an actress, I was the first female installer, climbing telephone poles, for Bell Telephone in inner-city Trenton.”

The Wizard of Oz is sponsored in part by Restaurant Village in Long Valley and Hackettstown Regional Medical Center. The Centenary Stage Company is a not-for-profit professional equity theatre, in residence at Centenary College, dedicated to serving as a cultural resource for audiences of the Skylands Region with professional music, theatre and dance events and arts education programs throughout the year.

The Wizard of Oz is appropriate for age 5 and older
(Children under the age of 5 will not be admitted)
Children under the age of 5 are not permitted into the professional CSC main stage productions. However, they are permitted to CSC’s Young Audience and Family Fun Series productions for age-appropriate performances.
Patrons are encouraged to check the age recommendation for individual shows.

The Wizard of Oz - Centenary Stage Company
   Photo clockwise from left: Jeremy Hilgert (Delaware Water Gap, PA) as “Lion,” Saquan
   Williams (Hoboken) as “Scarecrow,” Nick Ardito-Martelli (Hackettstown) as “Tinman,”
   McKenzie Custin (Bethlehem, PA) as “Dorothy,” and Magic Zas, the Dog
   (Hackettstown) as “Toto”                 [Photo Credit: Pat Lanciano]
The Wizard of Oz - Centenary Stage Company
   Photo L-R: Lea Antolini (Sparta) as “Auntie Em,” McKenzie Custin (Bethlehem, PA) as “Dorothy,” Jeremy
   Hilgert (Delaware Water Gap, PA) as “Zeke/Lion,” and Nick Ardito-Martelli (Hackettstown) as “Hickory/Tinman”
   [Photo Credit: Pat Lanciano]

The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz opens Friday, November 23rd and will run until December 9th. Tickets range from $20-$29.50 with discounts for students and seniors. Every Thursday night is “Family Night,” which offers a 2-for-1 rush ticket price when purchased at the door. Performance times are Thursdays at 7:30pm, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm. There are also 2pm matinees on Friday, November 23rd (preview) and Wednesday, November 28th. There is a 10am school matinee on Wednesday, December 5th.

Nov-Dec 2012 - The Wizard of Oz

Fri. Preview
23 24 25
28 29
x 30 1 2
5* 6
x 7
8 9


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Named in honor of Carol Burgess Lackland, A Centenary graduate (Class of 1954), and her husband, David A. Lackland, a Centenary College Trustee, The David and Carol Lackland Center, has been designed to enrich student life and bring new cultural opportunities to northwest New Jersey.             ...more (including photos, progress reports, and 'Tour Lackland with Carl')

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Wizard of Oz

  • Matinees/FridaysAdult $27.50     Sr/Stu $25.00   Child under 12  $20.00
  • Saturday         Adult $29.50     Sr/Stu $27.50   Child under 12  $20.00
  • Thursday (Family Night)   ALL SEATS  $27.50
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  • Kathy Kosins    Adult $22.50     Sr/Stu $20.00    Child under 12  $15.00
  • Hot Club of Detroit    Adult $25.00     Sr/Stu $22.50   Child under 12  $17.50
Limited to 60 people; tickets available only via the Box Office
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Children under the age of 5 are not permitted into the professional CSC main stage productions. However, they are permitted to CSC’s Young Audience and Family Fun Series productions for age-appropriate performances.
Patrons are encouraged to check the age recommendation for individual shows.
$3.50 Handling Fee on Total Individual Ticket Orders
For details and print order form, please see 'How To Order.'
Note: Senior: age is 65+
Student: anyone who can prove full-time student classification (ID may be required for verification purposes) no matter the institution (whether it's High School or College)

The Wizard of Oz  is Sponsored By:
Restaurant Village at Long Valley

Hackettstown Regional
Medical Center

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